About Me

Zoe C. Courtman is biracial as hell, likes strange music, and has a metric ton of a 'fro that may or may not require its own zoning permit, depending, naturally, on the weather.

Her teenaged diet consisted of heavy doses of Stephen King, Kazuo Ishiguro and Clive Barker (the latter resulting in her first tattoo: the word Imagica), along with dreamy Zhang Yimou movies and a kung-fu grip on a perma-cup of coffee-flavored cream and sugar.

After graduating from a performing arts high school and a few years spent ferrying conference-room sandwiches in the Administratosphere, she sold her first magazine article to Macon Magazine. Sales to other magazines like Glamour and Seventeen soon ferried her into a full-time writing career, and she hasn't looked back since. (Okay, except to write this.)

Today, Zoe is a marketing copywriter with a reverence for literary horror and a reclusive nature that allows her to write and read copiously while referring to herself in third-person.