Nifty Resume Targeting Tool

So, those of y'all who know me know that I'm in the market for a new gig. (I'm a response generating content writing ninja with 10 years' experience for those who ain't know.)

But while bandying resumes about on the interwebs -- and keeping abreast of interesting ways to catch an employer's eye -- I found a tip so nifty I couldn't help but share.

It comes courtesy of this blog post about using a word cloud app like Wordle to see if your resume broadcasts the skills and experience you want it to, or whether there's a gap between what you think your resume communicates and what it actually does.

All you do is fire up the word cloud app, cut n paste your resume, and blammo:

That's mine. Nice to see that, for an editorial maven, the word "content" is front and center. I think it'll do. But if it didn't, the word cloud would show what I needed to add -- or subtract -- on my rez.

Pretty easy, huh? So what out-of-the-box job search tips have you come across lately? Share, yo.


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