You Know What's Awesome?

Even our most connected generation, our teens and young adults, or Gen Y (yanno, those strapped-to-their-devices 16-24 year olds), still prefer printed books over their digital, ebook counterparts.

One of the top two reasons? They have an emotional--and tactile-- attachment to physical books. Turns out we all love to clutch those suckers tighter than Daryl cradling dat crossbow (though, for real, I'm trying to clutch DARYL).

And--and!!--they, too, like to sniff books. Cuz wood-pulp plus ink plus glue breaking down over time = the nose-noms :D And, lo, how thine noms art redolent of vanilla.

(Though I'm partial not just to old book smell, but new book smell, too. Fresh binding glue or old-ass lignin, I'm an equal-opportunity page sniffer.)

Now if I could just sniff Norman Reedus...

You're welcome.

Because Your Mind Is A Terrible Thing.

Best argument for getting a second set of eyes on your MS, courtesy of Mark Twain:

"You think you are reading proof, whereas you are merely reading your own mind; your statement of the thing is full of holes & vacancies but you don't know it, because you are filling them from your mind as you go along. Sometimes--but not often enough--the printer's proof-reader saves you--& offends you--with this cold sign in the margin: (?) & you search the passage & find that the insulter is right--it doesn't say what you thought it did: the gas-fixtures are there, but you didn't light the jets."

Damned pesky jets.

What Do You & Bessie Smith Have in Common?

You're both on my mind.

While I work that one out, here's Bessie Smith to accompany us hence:

i like you when you got your habits on...

Be back blogging soon.

Three times fast,