Gaiman on King: New (ish) UK Sunday Times Interview

Nerfing around on Neil Gaiman's blog, as I am wont to do, I found this lovely little nugget in which Gaiman describes his reading relationship with Stephen King, beginning with Salem's Lot. It's in the intro to an interview he conducted with King in an April edition of the UK Sunday Times.

Dropping said nugget here because it is precisely how I felt -- and continue to feel -- about King, who continues to be my hero (even after I cried all over him in Atlanta that one time). Anyway, what Gaiman said:

"After that I bought everything King wrote as it came out. Some books were great, and some weren't. It was okay. I trusted him."

By god, that nailed it. The reason I love Stephen King is because I trust Stephen King. Because that man writes true. Sure, sometimes it's also meh (Duma Key) and sometimes magnificent (11/22/63), but always true. And that seems pretty damned important in terms of a writer's goals. Sure, story is king but truth is CEO; it's what keeps the whole shebang running. 

Anyway. There were other chunky nugs o love in that post, like Gaiman's descriptions of the various iterations of King as encountered over the decades. Read the whole interview here.

So which King did you read first? I think for me it might have been IT. Hurm...