The Green Lantern to Your Sinestro

Uh-huh. I don't know about you, but even though Hal's all emerald-ey in the picture on the left, my eye keeps being drawn to Sinestro there on the right, on account of all that yellow (okay, and maybe the whole fuchsia face n hands thing). But, see now, that's the (warped) power of the Yellow Lantern.

 In other words, fear.

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Fear is the power of the evil Yellow Lantern, against which Green Lanterns were powerless for a long while (which is particularly telling, since the Green Lanterns' power is will.) In the canon, (well, one of the canons) the yellow/fear rendered the green rings inactive.

Anyway, musing on shit that's not EVEN related (like Lanterns & writing), cuz that's how I do, I find that the correlation between fear and inaction sticks out like a sore thumb in writing. Like a sore yellow thumb. So too, apparently, did the writer of this brilliantly effective Writer's Digest article that talks about all the insidious ways fear can disguise itself and derail a writing plan.

But just like Hal Jordan wouldn't leave a girl powerless in the face of that ugly yellow dude, the author gives great information about identifying fear, and then not working against it, but with it. For me, that lit up like two bright, shiny green things: 

The Green Lantern Ring
Green Lantern rings are fueled by willpower, which their bearers use to create anything they want -- and verily it is called the mightiest weapon in the universe because of it.

So, your ring is how you focus the advice from the article, such as using fear in a positive way. (I particularly dug the tip about ceasing the hunt for "perfection" [which is just another way to avoid submitting a project. You know, out of fear. Damn you, Sinestro!!] Instead of trying to perfect the writing, the author says, hone your voice,working to become more proficient at expressing it every time you approach the page.)

The Green Lantern...uh... Lantern. 
The Lanterns are the batteries that power the rings. The battery that overpowers fear? Your will. To create no matter what, to manifest what you manifest, fear be damned and damned right to hell in a flaming yellow torpedo.

So it's fitting that Hal (will) is the nemesis of Sinestro (fear). And reminding ourselves of that is pretty powerful stuff. Even if it takes a rather clumsy and radioactively green metaphor to do it :D

It should go without saying that we are not discussing the Ryan Reynolds...uh...*version* of Green Lantern, especially after the collective snort that twas heard 'round the world upon its release.