This week, the multiverse had enough of my whinging. On not one but four, count 'em, FOUR occasions this week, someone presented me with a reality check. Whether it was:

Exhibit A) My friend Swathi telling me to get over bitching about not having enough time to prepare a healthy meal ("Don't tell me you don't have time and money. It's your body. Feed it.")

Exhibit B) My friend Heather telling me to get over bitching, period. ("Dude, look. You're an amazing writer with an amazing hubs and two amazing boys. Shut it.")

Exhibit C) The comic Louis C.K. telling us all to be thankful for the crazy amazing shit we have and not bitch about stuff like a slow connection on your cell phone ("Give it a second! It's going to space!")

Or Exhibit D) POSSESSION Author Elana Johnson who wrote a post today that reminded me of the times I used to just write for pleasure.

Each one made me stop and think. And then thank. So I'm grateful today.What about you?

Had a reality check lately? Big cheesin grin about something that made you happy? Dish!

Louis C.K.: Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy