What, you ain't know My Little Pony rolled like that??

Man, I get the greatest things from Clarktoon, aka Rooster, the Great Kevinsky, or, you know, the hubs. To wit -- fonky rappin animated ponies. Just click the below (after steeling yourself for some surrreous profanity) and see if your head don't be noddin like the orderly in Mystikal's old Bouncing Back vid...

...you ain't seen bouncin' back...*nods*

Greatest audiobook. Evah.

Why wasn't this out when MY kid was two??

"FUCK your stuffed bear - I ain't gettin you SHIT!"

*dies laughing*

I mean, when you absolutely, positively got to get e'ry motherfucking child to sleep, accept no substitutes and just get yours free from audible.

You're welcome, mamacitas and papasitos :) Now get some fuckin sleep!

Song about this writer's heart

Since I've been loving you...

...I'm about to lose my worried mind...