Merry Krimmus, Y'all

Ho-lee shit. Y'all. It's Krimmus in, like, three days. I don't know where the year done went, but it's all a blur to me. Mainly, I've been doing my reclusive thang, with nothing around me but the sound of keys clackin', pages flippin' and Wampa using the lower branches of my Krimmus tree as an on-ramp.

That and the baleful glances I been gettin from Little Face, who is a poor widdle tabby fing widda nasty case of stomatitis (Check those gums, cat people. Despite the eyebrow-singeing kitteh breath). He's taken up a lot of my days lately with a crapload of back-and-forths to the vet.
Even helping Wampa with the lights didn't cheer Facey up.
Though Wampa remains inordinately pleased with himself nonetheless.

So. Yeah. That's what I've been up to. Second revisions almost done, and on time, too. When all's said and the fat lady done belted out her aria, it took me about a year to crank out an MS. And I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Merry Krimmus and thanks to everyone who checked in with me or left a comment on an older post. I'ma be back at the blog come the New Year, when I think I might host a blogfest, a quick sorta What Kind Of Writer Do You Want To Be kind of deal. Thinking rules'll be simple: jot down 3 adjectives that describe the kind of writer you want to be and 3 specific ways you'll work toward that in 2011.

Anyone game? I'll figure out a date and post more about it next week, if the National Arbor Day Foundation hasn't locked me up for my egregious abuse of wrapping paper, if Little Face hasn't locked me up for my egregious abuse of the kitty crate or if That Guy From NaNoWriMo hasn't locked me up for my egregious abuse of procrastination.

I hope everyone finds a little peace this Krimmus, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Modraniht, Pancha Ganapati, the celebration of the Signature of the Constitution of the Republic of China, Yule, Sadeh, or otherwise holiday season. I hope your day is bright with paper and that you don't have to sit at the kids' table for dinner, like mine did at Thanksgiving :)
Left, Dez, 15, Right, Gabriel, 14.  Don't they look thrilled?
And may you also one day find a Wampa 'neath your tree, who makes all holidays joyous. Holiday holla!