So. Distracting myself is a self-preservation tactic, right? Right. Blogging, blogfesting, surfing and, yanno, obsessively spot-steam-cleaning my living room carpet are all things that keep me from facing down the MIND. numbing terror that is any WIP (big ol' fear of failure here, folks). And I'm pret-ty darn good at distracting myself.

 My distracted brain looks a lil something like this piece of digital art aptly titled DISTRACTION by GraphicStreetRacer.

Just a moment ago, my sidebar was chock full of blogfest goodness. Which was part of the problem. I gotta get this MS done, y'all. It's why I've been REALLLYYY behind on commenting, posting & blogfesting; I gotta get it DONE I tell you.

So, it is with great sadness a big ol' rebel yell warrior whoop...thing, that I say goodbye to the blogfests I'd planned to participate in this month (and possibly the whole summer) - and that includes my own. 

I'm officially canceling the Cognitive Dissonance Blogfest on June 28.
Sorry, everyone who graciously signed up! :( I'm still, yanno, blogging n stuff - just not 'festing.  Cutting back in other areas, too (see: obsessive spot-steam-cleaning).
I know my blogfest was to be in celebration of my birthday, but I'm hoping the cheers & beers on that day will be because I've written "The End" on the draft. To get me there, I'm pulling out all the tools in my arsenal, i.e. coffee, the Kaizers Orchestra standalone player, and the

It's this ridiculously simple timer from that Write to Done guy, and it's awesome, especially for blowing through some CWSwORP-style timed writing exercises.

So check it out and go get some writing done! Because it's all about facing the doubt-hounds

 Image courtesy of SexyMarshmallowMan

that nip at our confidence and finishing what we started - with 60% LESS distraction! And we can do it, y'all. Watch; I'll go first. *waves, then unplugs for the rest of the day to wrap up Chapter Eighteen* 


Jaydee Morgan | June 12, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Good luck with unplugging and ridding yourself from the rest of the distractions that so easily steal our time. I'm hoping you write The End soon!

Aubrie | June 12, 2010 at 7:49 PM

Good for you for making choices! Good luck with your WIP! I hope you get a lot done.

Roland D. Yeomans | June 12, 2010 at 8:11 PM

It is all about priorities. Do what is best. You're a writer, so that is write. And write what will sell. Simple logic. I wish you luck in your writing, Roland

I used your blogfest listing to keep track. So now I'm in the dark. Your divorcing yourself from blogfests may do the same for me.

Alesa Warcan | June 12, 2010 at 8:57 PM

I'll echo what everyone else said: Do what you got to do, prioritizing is the best way of getting what you most want done, done.
And spot-steam cleaning can be dangerous, it gets addictive... And eventually, if used enough, it takes on a life of its own.

In the early hours of the morning, you hear a weird noise in your living room... You go investigate, but there's nothing there except for your steam cleaner in the middle of the room.

Odd, you could have sworn you had put it in the closet after doing the kitchen for the fifth time before going to bed. You shrug and put it away in the closet. You head back to bed and finish your night's sleep.

The rooster crows for the Nth time today, sunlight seeps through your window shade, coffee o'clock! You get out of bed, slither into your bathrobe, open the bed room door and head down the hall towards the coffee maker, but promptly trip and fall after taking two steps. The steam machine is in the middle of the hall outside of your bed.

Luckily for you, your boyfriend is mad genius. He dissects the steam cleaner and transforms it into giant espresso machine... A magic espresso machine that simply appears in some convenient but impossible place whenever you feel like a cup of java; and all is fine until... Dum da dum dum! Until the incident with the cheese grater, the candles, and the neighbor's goldfish.

Dawn Embers | June 12, 2010 at 9:49 PM

That's too bad but we understand. Here's to a happy birthday and to writing "the end"! *holds up glass early but oh well*


Bethany Elizabeth | June 13, 2010 at 5:56 AM

Congratulations on focusing on what you need to get done! I can understand needing to cut out the unnecessary, I have to do that sometimes too. *sigh* It's a pain though. Anyway, I hope it goes well for you!

Sangu | June 13, 2010 at 9:02 AM

Aw, that's a shame, but I completely understand the feeling. Well done on working out exactly what you want to do and going for it! Good luck with finishing!

Olivia Herrell | June 13, 2010 at 10:28 AM

Zoe, good for you, I tried to do the same a few weeks ago, only I bombed and failed miserabley. I stopped blogging and stopped reading blogs and within three weeks my MS screeched to a halt. Seems my blog is fueling my MS. Go figure.

When I realized I had no words, I sat down to blog, finally, and had no words there, either! Scared the crapola outta me! I had to go read a couple of writer blogs to get back on track...and one of the things that did it, was entering SS's Title Blogfest.
Again, go figure. Makes no sense to me. The things I thought were standing in my way were the things that were actually lighting my fire.

But that's just me. And it is contrary to logic. Now, if I could just throw my three part-time jobs out the window and still have some income, THAT might push me along. But who knows. Maybe those are fueling my fire, too.

So, here's my proposal, Birthday Sista, rather than cancelling your Blogfest, how about rescheduling it to, hmm, say August 28?? And in the meantime, slam that MS around till you're staring at those two little words, THE END, and dancing a birthday jig.

Go for broke~That Rebel, Olivia
P.S. I'm gonna borrow your TickTock Clock and I'm committing to hit 20,000 words by June 30, my birthday. That's 6000 words in two weeks. A LOT for me...

Zoe C. Courtman | June 13, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Hey, Jaydee & Aubrie! Thanks for the vote of confidence & encouragement; I hope I write "THE END" soon, too!

Ooh, sorry Roland :( No good being in the dark - Ack! I may do some 'fests later in the summer, a la Olivia's suggestions, but I'll think about it then :D

Alesa, I love your flash fiction!!! And I love "coffee o'clock" - that imagination of yours--!!!

Thanks, Dawn! *chinks glasses with you*

Hi, Bethany! THanks for popping in - I agree; it does feel like a pain. Sigh. But I hate this MS hanging unfinished over my head. Blergh!

Thanks for the support, Sangu. I feel like kind of a blog-loser, but it had to be done :( I gotta get this thing finished - and that imaginative writing time that I spend coming up for blogfests would be much better spent trucking toward "THE END" :D

Olivia - I loved your comment. Thanks so much for sharing - I hope I don't find myself so unplugged that the same thing happens to me. But I guess I'm not going totally unplugged; I'm just not doing the blogfests. I think you're right about becoming so isolated that it shuts off the creative stream. And I think perhaps I *will* get back into blogfesting maybe by August - good idea. Thanks SO much for the support and kind words - and totally use that Tick Tock Timer! I thought it was pretty cool m'self :D Thanks guys!!

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