In Which Zoe Transforms into SWAMP THING!

So, I'm back from spring break in Daytona Beach with the kids, and you know what four days off means:
 *RAWR* or, yanno, DC Comics' Swamp Thing illustration by ALTbladerunner at

Seriously, y'all. You know I'm a freelance copywriter. In my world, the feast-or-famine rule applies, like, eighty-gazillion-fold. So I leave last Sunday with no. projects. atall. and come back Wednesday all sun-burnt and rested, only to find all KINDS of freelance havoc in my inbox.

But since it pays the bills, I'm going all DEEP COVER on yo ass (man, that was back when Laurence Fishburne was merely Larry Fishburne!) and pretend like I'm JUST a copywriter, and not, yanno, a blogger, a beta reader, or an aspiring horror novelist for a few days. (I'd love some comments on what you do when you have no time for your MS or your blog. This is gonna be painful!)

But take heart, me...well, me hearties. Here's some MAYJUH tomfoolery:

1. Wanna know how writer Bryan Lee O'Malley took over the world, one teenage reader at a time? Including my 15-year-old, who can't talk about ANYTHING ELSE?? Read it, buy it, wield power-ups in your next MS.

2. Take a break from all that text and check out Monica Gallagher's KICK-ASS selection of comics, cuz from GODS AND UNDERGRADS to the new WHEN I WAS A MALL MODEL, this Gallagher girl knows how to tell one SERIOUS story. And did I mention she's a freakin' roller derby girl? Yeah.

3. What? Monstrously cheerful, butter-covered vegetables, you say? Cheshire Cat plushies?? Yoda in a bicycle basket?? It's awesomeness from the Super Punch blog.

4. Get thee to the Sunflower Express Etsy shop cuz, yanno, you need more felt jewelry in your life. Fo realz.

5. Last, but certainly not tomfoolery is THIS. SUPER. IDEA. OF. A. BLOG. CHAIN!!! OF WHICH I GETZ TO BE A MEMBER!!!

Mosey on over to the ever-cool Laura Diamond's blog for the first post in the series, then migrate weekly (on Wednesdays) to check out Danyelle's, Lydia Kang's, and my own rotating musings on the chosen monthly topic. Current subject =  what keeps you writing.

See ya on the flip side!


Anonymous | April 9, 2010 at 8:45 PM

Glad you got some time off. The blog-chain is a great idea. Looking forward to it.

Zoe C. Courtman | April 9, 2010 at 9:02 PM

Thanks for popping in, Jana! I'm glad I got some time off, too...(although, look at me, skulking around here when I'm supposed to be writing website copy!!) :D

Lisa and Laura | April 10, 2010 at 12:17 AM

Great links Zoe! Have a great weekend!

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