Is It In You? Mottos & Taglines That Sum It Up for You

So, a great post over on Elana Johnson's blog (as usual). In it, she talks about how inspirational a great motto can be, and I totally agreed. It hit a little nerve with me, because I'd chosen one for myself a few months ago - after a tiny epiphany showed me where I'd been erring in my writing. To sum it up, my comment to her post:

"My new motto is "Do It Dark." It's just my way of embracing who I truly am as a writer (a horror/dark fiction writer), and a reminder to me that none of my fiction worked until I stopped pussy-footin' around with other styles (fantasy, YA) and just committed to the style that made me uniquely me. So I'm "Doin' it Dark" all the way, everyday, writing some straight-up commercial horror--and staying true to myself in the process :)"

What about you?


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